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Registering with We Love Kent on either a free trial, pro or expert rate listing entitles you to all features detailed in your Welcome email.

By signing up to We Love Kent, you are entitled to ONE premium listing on the App.

We Love Kent are not responsible for monitoring and/or running your listing & social media platform unless otherwise stated. Listings may not contain any content that We Love Kent deem to be offensive to our users, and if a listing is found to contain said content, that listing is subject to review and potential termination. Listings that are closed in this way are not entitled to a refund of any funds paid to We Love Kent.

All content provided to We Love Kent for listing must be legally owned and/or have copyright over that content. Providing content that is not owned for a listing will result in a review and potential termination. Listings that are closed in this way are not entitled to a refund of any funds paid to We Love Kent.

Content generated through the social media platform from end users is not the property of the lister. We Love Kent maintain the right to all content generated through this platform. Usage of this content requires direct permission from We Love Kent.

We Love Kent will endeavour to have the APP live at all times, however if access/service isn’t available, unless We Love Kent is found to be directly at fault for extended periods of down time, no refunds or compensation will be offered. Extended down time is considered as anytime over 48 hours.