Usually we focus on a variety of different events happening on the weekend but we thought we’d be a bit different and focus on one awesome festival! It’s just so gosh darn pretty we felt we had to ‘shine a spotlight’ on Cheriton Light Festival.

Right, a bit of background first. Let’s start with where it is, Cheriton. Cheriton is a small town on the outskirts of Folkestone. Apart from being a wonderful example of a Kent town, there isn’t much massively shaking in Cheriton, well apart from Channel Tunnel Traffic. But, every two years, the town places host to simply one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring festivals in Europe.


The festival is more than just pretty lights, thanks to Strange Cargo, a Kent based arts company and charity whose specialism is participation.  The company has won many awards for their practice of making artworks, working with other people in public spaces.

The festival bring a high quality art experience to the party. This is an art exhibit with a difference. Watch as Cheriton high street, its quiet residential streets and local shops become the canvas for some truly breathtaking artworks


Once the clock hits 6pm on Saturday & Sunday, the high street will be closed to traffic and opened up to art and the public until 9pm. The emphasis this year is engagement and participation, two things that We Love can get behind wholeheartedly! Interaction is essential in a number of the works at this year’s event – for instance, in order to light up Gavin Morris’s enormous Cheriton sign, several people will have to shed their inhibitions and hold hands with a stranger to complete the electrical circuit.

The Light Festival is  a five minute stroll from Cheriton’s Folkestone West Station with a journey time of only 50 minutes from London St. Pancras – quicker than most journeys across London by tube, so wrap up warm and come and experience big art in a small town.


Honestly, this is a fantastic opportunity to get hands on with art and enjoy Kent at the same time. Make sure that this festival doesn’t just become one you try this year, but becomes a regular visit in your Kent calendar.

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